Lasers Zap Pathogens in Blood

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Pathogenic micro-organisms in blood detected by an optical image recognition system are located, identified, and selectively targeted by a computer which aims focused laser beams at them to kill or neutralize them. This invention will kill all recognized microorganisms, abnormal cells, and viruses in blood.

Blood temporarily removed from humans or other creatures is circulated by a gentle peristaltic pump through a very narrow flat transparent passage above high resolution imaging sensor arrays (comprised of photo-detectors), lights, and tunable scanning laser illumination systems. The illumination systems emit steady continuous light beams, single frequency laser beams,or varying frequency laser beams at various angles onto and through the blood. These lamps and lasers are used simply to illuminate all of the blood constituents. Images of all blood constituents including erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells), thrombocytes, (Platelets), abnormal cells, bacteria, viruses, other microbes etc. are identified by a computer image recognition system. This computer image recognition system views the blood through microscopic optical systems, electron microscopic systems, and spectro-photometric systems built along the flat transparent pathway for the blood while it is illuminated. Scattered radiation of different frequencies, Raman Spectroscopy, IR & UV spectroscopy, and fluorescence is also used to identify foreign pathogenic organisms along the path. Sophisticated memory pattern templates of images, image characteristics, and other criteria generally employed by automated blood cell counters and machine vision systems are used. Real time imagery and data are compared to stored memory pattern templates. When matches are made, the foreign invaders are identified. The exact location of bacteria, abnmormal cells, and viruses which are identified, becomes the aiming target point of a set of electro-optically modulated steerable infrared laser and ultraviolet laser irradiation systems. These focused lasers lethally irradiate each targeted microorganism and/or virus killing or neutralizing them. The blood is then recirculated back into the living body and is kept temperature regulated throughout its travel. The blood's white cells will then consume the neutralized bacteria, abnormal cells, and viruses. All foreign bodies that are recognized as not normal blood constituents can be zapped by the ultraviolet and/or infrared lasers.

This invention, although it will kill all recognized pathogenic organisms, viruses, and possibly some cancer cells in blood, will not necessarily neutralize the effects of the organism's poisonous cell membrane, poisonous toxins, or poisonous constituents if any. For example, some dead bacteria bodies and their toxins are still poisonous. Also it might not see many viruses such as AIDS, HIV, or HSV. Also it will not kill all pathogens in the body, just some of them in the blood. But it will help the body to fight diseases and ultimately save lives without some of the powerful unwanted side effects of many drugs.


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