Universal Whelchair Seating Transfer System, Facilitating Use of Multiple Chassis

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The Universal Wheelchair Seating Transfer System (UWSTS) introduces a solution to the problems wheelchair users face daily, difficult transfers and exclusion in many activities. Electric wheelchair users frequently have to make transfers to use different devices; often transfers are difficult and dangerous.  A wheelchair user doesn’t have to leave the seat that was designed for them, with the UWSTS they will be able to easily transfer their custom built seat from one mobility device to another.  This transfer-ability will allow the user to enjoy activities which we all enjoy and take for granted; beach trips, camping or boating trips and much more.

Wheelchair users make up approximately 1% of the U.S. population; an additional 250-500 Thousand are bound to chairs each year.  There are many options on the market for off-road wheelchairs or other mobility devices that could expand a wheelchair users options for activities, the problem is getting them on these devices safely and securely, that is the solution provided by the UWSTS.  There aren’t currently any devices that allow wheelchair users the transfer-ability that the UWSTS offers.

There is a market in need of this device, quadriplegics, paraplegics, stroke victims, ALS, MS, and muscular dystrophy patients all have the difficulty transferring and would be far better off with the use of the UWSTS.  The UWSTS will provide the user the freedom to join in activities or work that they had been unable to take part in before, and the wheelchair user will no longer be bound to a single wheelchair…  This would open up opportunities and increase morale for the wheelchair user and their family.

With the UWSTS there will be no limit to the variety of chassis or mobility devices that the wheelchair user could use, standard indoor chassis, outdoor 4x4 chassis, track chassis, atv’s, trikes, automobiles, boats, stair lifts, airline seats, riding lawnmowers, carnival rides, heavy equipment, custom work chassis, golf-cart, motor-homes/rv’s, stair-lifts, snow mobiles, emergency vehicles (ambulances), emergency evacuation stair slides, doctor or dentist exam seats or tables, seat removal for easy repairs or for emergency evacuation and much more.

The UWSTS is comprised of five main components, the chassis track, the transfer track, the locking mechanism, power control connections and the roller-bearing bars.  Each desired chassis has a chassis track and power control connections mounted on them.  The two roller bars and the locking mechanism are mounted to the bottom of the seat frame.  Easily installed and operated the UWSTS the user simply attaches the removable transfer track to the chassis track connections on each chassis, the user would then disengage the locking mechanism on the roller bars located under the seat from the current chassis, the user would then traverse across the transfer track to the desired chassis where the locking mechanism would re-engage upon the completed transfer.  At this time the user would then remove the transfer track, the user is then free to go about their desired activity in their secondary chassis.  This device can be machined from aluminum or steel.


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