Mini-Inhalator *Plus*

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This equipment consists of a simple, handy inhalation whistle that can be used by every person, even children, due to its small size, its inconspicuousness, its simple structure and the simple handling as well as simple cleaning. It is also very suitable for rinsing the nose.

Our Mini-Inhalator *plus* consists of an inhalation pipe to suck in the air and an immersion tube, over which sucked in air is led over the inhalation liquid. Air can be led past also over firm components, which can deliver then the inhalation materials. This with smallest parts enriched air is sucked in then over an inhalation pipe with mouthpiece and reaches the mouth and throat mucous membranes.

The equipment can be used also for flushing of the nose. In addition the inhalation pipe can be eqipped with an appropriate nose adapter and the to the plunger is pushed into the soil of the inhalation liquid. With this nose adapter enriched air can be sucked in directly with the nose and reaches nose mucous membranes and nose caverns.

This PLUS version offers the possibility that the liquid Inhalat will become warmed up by a combined IR/UV LED and at the same time the equipment with the Inhalat as well as the nose and throat area are disinfected.

The LEDs are powered by a built-in battery and can be easily recharged.

Our Mini-Inhalator can easily be used at every time and every place by everyone without concerning the people around you.


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    Claus Gaertner
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