Temperature Monitoring Shoes for Diabetics

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According to several recent studies, foot temperature measurement can be an important tool for diabetics. Foot inflammation can be readily monitored via temperature. As simple and effective as this solution sounds, in practice it has failed to see wide spread acceptance.

According to a recent study by Doctors Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH, and David G. Armstrong, PhD, MD, DPM, entitled TEMPERATURE MONITORING TO ASSESS, PREDICT, AND PREVENT DIABETIC FOOT COMPLICATIONS,
" There has been little innovation in preventative care for high-risk persons with diabetes. We have made considerable progress demonstrating the impact of proactive foot care to prevent and heal foot wounds in order to avoid amputation and reduce hospitalizations. However, we have not made much headway in advancing prevention."
See study at :
( http://visualfootcare.com/pdf/Temperature-Monitoring-to-Assess-Predic-and-Prevent-Diabetic-Foot-Complications.pdf )

Temperature measuring and data logging capability built into shoes, slippers or insoles. The temperature measurement could made, collected and transmitted all via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or RFID technology. For instance, using RFID readers the temperature information could be read from the RFID measuring and data logging devices built into the foot ware and collected locally (in patients home), via a PC application. This data would then be made available over the net for remote monitoring by doctors. The technology to do this has been around for years. There are many smart sensor RFID tags now available that will act as temperature data loggers. These are very small and often require little or no power to operate. They could easily be designed to fit into special shoes or slippers or even into insoles that could be placed into normal shoes.


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