The Communicator

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Have you ever been to the hospital to see a friend or family member and found them with tracheotomy, ventilator or unable to speak because of a heart attack?

To communicate becomes a problem, as the patients understands you, but you may not understand them. I they can use paper and pencil or tablet computer the problem goes away.

But if the person has lost most of their dexterity as well as their voice the problem is compounded. Their problem is to get help and things that need without becoming irritated at you because they cannot make themselves understood.

The communicator is simple, just three LED's and a buzzer. GREEN = YES, RED = NO, and YELLOW = REPEAT, the BUZZER used to get attention. The power is a standard nine volt battery with a life of three to six months before it needs to be replaced or recharged.

Code list could be setup for longer term use e.g., WATER = two GREEN, BATHROOM = two RED, and for help all three LED's on.
It could also be used for Morse Code GREEN = DASH, RED = DOT.

The cost of this unit is small and could be put in the hands of a person needing it for less then $50.00 if quantities were manufactured.

I have built three prototypes, two with reed switch and holders for finger magnets. On unit with both reed and standard large top switch. To help secure the unit to a tabletop or armrest, a holder with weighted ends can be used. The unit is held to it by velcro.


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