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We come up with the solution of facilitating patients, doctors, and medical organizations by means of an application. Our product (i.e. HealShare) enables medical checkup summaries, test reports, and previous records to come online enabling global access of patient’s records across doctors, and organizations.

Patients face it difficult to make the doctor recall their case in the next visit. Moreover, a lot of paper work is involved for storing patient’s records. No facility to share patient’s record between doctors, or hospitals is available. Moreover, assistance, and meeting from foreign doctors is not possible as records are in hard copy.

Everyone gets affected with a disease, and has to visit the doctor once in a lifetime. As our solution is based on mobile application on patient end. Moreover our product will also target the doctors and organizations related to medical profession.

Every patient will be allocated a unique patient ID. Patient will have software installed on his/her mobile phone or SMS services activated. This will enable services, such as, Appointment Reminders, Prescriptions, Symptoms update, Data Integrity and Security. The records and medical tests of patients will be stored on the internet cloud, which the doctors, and organizations can access. Doctors can share the records, and discuss cases with doctors online.

Records can be sorted and statistics can be generated. Students can be assigned case study assignments using it, and research organizations can benefit through it.

However, if the product gains quick acceptance, than the product will face competitors in the foreign market. The products available in that market, either just targets the patients, or the doctors. No solution exists that can cater the needs on both ends. Moreover those catering patient’s needs provide a mobile application based approach. Whereas we plan to provide a cross platform mobile application solution to our patients. Moreover, for those patients who don’t have a smart phone, we plan to provide a SMS service to them with the same features but with simplified interface.

The mobile application will be provided free of charges to patients for quick adoptability.

However, revenue will be generated by selling and imposing monthly charges to the application for doctors, hospitals, medical students and research organizations.

Customers to the product will be patients, organizations (Hospitals, Research Organizations, and NGOs), doctors and medical students.

By the end of third year, when we would have covered 25% of the market, we will move towards introducing more new features, and discount offers to increase adaptability. After five years, when we need to expand and move towards other markets of the country, we will start franchising our business model in different markets.

Patients will have to download the application to their mobile phones. Moreover we will also adopt the strategy of direct selling. Our revenue will be generated by the sales of this product to doctors, and organizations.


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