Non-Contacting Cleanroom Conveyor

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Levitated conveyors move silently and seemingly effortlessly
without lubrication or wear-producing debris as magnetic forces provide suspension without wheels. Ideal for medical or semiconductor clean rooms where dust or contaminants are
prohibited, these systems save power as well.

Our entire track system is totally passive inexpensive steel, easily installed and modified. All active elements are on-board the moving units, propelled by linear d.c. motors. Remotely controlled drive units can be operated by a centralized overseer or individual work station operators.

Permanent magnets supply flux continuously through U-shaped
elements straddling the rail, independent of power, to support
the load. When moving, sensors keep these suspension elements
centered on the raols with equal clearance on each side. The
linear motors have both the armature and field magnets on-board the vehicle. The armature reacts against the stationary steel poles on the track without physical contact.

The entire system is easily manufactured with no more
complexity that any model railroad and electronic controls
less than model aircraft. Production costs are comparable to
current precision installations and maintenance can be
expected to be minimal.


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