Our Conscious & Artificial Brain

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Artificial Brain

1/ A person is watching a video
2/ The skull is covered with electrodes.
3/ The lit up neurons are recorded by the computer. Their voltages, currents, positions & time of lit up are recorded.
4/ If we reverse the process, the computer lights up the quantum dots inside the artificial brain with the right currents, positions & the timing, the video card should produce the origin video on screen.
5/ The video card has simulated eye function software.
6/ The Brain here is a hollow artificial brain with quantum dots installed inside.

Our Conscious

1/ Our conscious is from the superpostions of all Neuron Electromagnetic Radiation.
2/ All Neurons have Electromagnetic Radiation as they fire electric pulses.
3/ A summation of all the Neurons form our Conscious which is an Electromagnetic Wave.
4/ Refractive Index of our body is almost =Vacuum, so speed of the Conscious Electromagnetic Wave = 3 X 10**8 m/sec.
Wavelength = Speed/frequency. Wavelength of the conscious
Electromagnetic Wave = 3 x 10**8/ 50 = 6 x 10 **6 m.
Average Frequency of Neurons = 50 Hz.
5/ Since the Wavelength of Our Concious is very long, we cannot detect it.
6/There is no subconscious reactions. The said subconscious reaction is from random firing of Neurons. It cannot be repeated as it has no memory. We have 50-50 chance that the outcome from the firing are right.
7/ The Magnetic Field from our Conscious induces the iron riched Blood circulating our body. It acts as an operating system & transports food
to cells & takes away waste. Breathing & Heart Beats are not subconscious reactions. They are commanded by the firing of Neurons.
8/ The Electromagnetic Field of our Conscious induces energy in our body. That's why our body has a temperature.
9/ Our memory is kept inside the Conscious Magnetic Field. This Magnetic Field reacts to inputs & transform them into memorizing the location of the neuron firing at that moment.
10/ There is a clock in our body from the frequency of our Conscious Electromagnetic Waves. The clock is responsible for cell divisions.
11/ Since Our Electromagnetic Conscious is from the firing of Neurons, if our brain dies, there will not be a Conscious.


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