Patient Care

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The application “Patient Care” focuses on patients who need medical attention and face various degrees of difficulty while communicating with the outside world. This project was taken up based on the advice of medical professionals who felt that there is a stringent need for a cheap, easy to use communication device for their patients.
Based on the type and seriousness of their ailment, patients may not be able to speak out their requirements to a doctor or a relative. The need to communicate may be triggered by discomfort on some body part, need to use some facility or to greet family members. Similarly, relatives/caregivers need to provide the right treatment to patients who need emergency attention until they can get professional help.

Thus in an attempt to facilitate easier communication between patients and caregivers, this project builds a solution on the android mobile platform. Specific needs of patients were gathered from hospitals/medical practitioners and converted to system requirements. The application currently has three modules:

•Patient Profile
•Trauma Care

Sparsh: This module addresses the need of communicating an emergency requirement, any discomfort, need for food or entertainment. The patient can do so by clicking on relevant, easy-to-understand pictorial icons that generate a text-to-speech synthesized voice announcing the patient’s choice of service.

Patient Profile: This module facilitates the nurse/person in charge to enter the patient’s vital signs like blood pressure and sugar levels at different time intervals. These records are saved on the device and can be retrieved, modified or transmitted. This serves as a record for the patient’s progress.

Trauma Care: This add-on module aids caregivers with lucid step-by-step instructions specific to emergency conditions like accidents, burns and snake/insect bites. It provides a quick, easy to access and understandable icon-based navigation to select the ailment and get relevant advise. The instructions could be viewed on the screen or spoken out in multiple languages at the touch of a button. It supports both literate and illiterate users. The actual instructions have been provided by medical practitioners who are experts in this area.

Scope: This project aims to alleviate the problems of communication faced by patients who are in critical condition and cannot voice their requirements. This application is intended to be used by paramedics in an ambulance, Rural Health Care Centers and the common man.


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    Saranya Dinavahi
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    N Spoorthi Rao, G Neha Reddy, M Bhavya
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