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‘Assist +’ is an Augmentative & Alternative communication (AAC) mobile application designed exclusively for people suffering with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Speech & Hearing disorders.

Communication is a medium to express feelings, emotions & exchange information and ideas. Generally, people with speech and hearing impairment fail to communicate with normal people due to the sign-language limitations which is understandable by only limited people.

Assist+ enables these people to communicate by converting limited muscle movements of fingers to speech which helps the person to improve their social interaction and to express their feelings in an easier way.

Assist+ has the following features:
1. QWERTY Keypad with Text-to-Speech Capability
2. Categorized Daily needs for basic communication and ask the needs
3. Needs Customization: Adding extra categories and options by using 3-simple steps to create them.
4. Text Prediction: With this, the user need not type the whole word. By just typing one or two letters in a word a pop-up shows the possible combinations with the letters.
5. Voice & Pitch: Selection male & female voices with a variable pitch
6. Schedule Tasks: Schedule important tasks like doctor appointments, medicine reminders, regular check-up reminders.
7. Simpler UI: Easy to access and use in daily life.
8. Emotions: Express your emotions using smileys in the categories under 'Emotions & Feelings'
9. IQ Game: To improve the IQ levels of Autism kids where the icon spelled must be recognized from a set of icons.
10.Unlimited Icons: Users can create any number of options and under categories. Practically, unlimited icons can be created.

We proposed to extend the features of this AAC app with Speech-to-Text & Voice Recognition which can take the commands based on voice of the person. We also plan to extend the Speech-to-Text to local languages like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada in starting stage, and later on extend them to other local languages.

Assist+ can be integrated with a Patient Monitoring System (generally available in hospitals) through a USB port for precise analysis. We propose to embed this feature to record, monitor and analysis the patient's Blood Pressure, Heart-beat (Pulse) & Sugar-levels and digitalize the analysis of the above mentioned body parameters. This enables to alert the doctor or concerned family member in case of any severe health problem i.e, heart problems, trauma, & shock. So that necessary medical aid can be given at right time and save the patient from severe effects.

Assist+ works on Android ICS 4.0 platform and is developed using JAVA and Android SDK. As it is open-sourced, we propose to bring this app into market at a very minimal cost (


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    Design must be sophisticated enough to simplify the work.
    Assist+ has been awarded 'Industry Innovations Award' under Social Impact category at ITsAP 2012, an Annual IT Summit.
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