Soaring Surveillance Device

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At high attitudes there are plenty of winds. My idea is use wind energy. First use is to create addition lifting force. Second use is to charge the battery of a Soaring Surveillance Device.i

Soaring Surveillance Device consists of four main parts:

1) Wing.
2) Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT).
VAWT rotor connected with electric generator.
Electric generator (topmost part of control unit) charges battery.
It increases operation time off battery.
3) Control unit.
Control unit consist of four main systems:
a) electric generator.
b) computer and radio connection device.
c) battery.
d) surveillance equipment.
Computer controls rotation and tilt of each rotor separately.
4) Helicopter-stabilizer.

The helicopter-stabilizer serves two purposes. First, to lift Soaring Surveillance Device. Second, to stabilize soaring. The helicopter-stabilizer consist of four propellers. Each propeller has its own electric motor. Propeler rotation and tilt are controled by a computer.


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