Safety and Security

A.C.C.S.S (Access and Crime Control Security System)
Designed and outfitted for use with iPAD, iPhone and Android Tablets and phones for DOD, Homeland Security, large Goverment contractors, private corporations, local, state and federal law enforcement entities.

Utilizing ID Cards, Scanner, programming and applications with tight security protocols. This system will not be accessable to all. Only those set up for it with proper credentials that will be required.

This system will utilize all employee information as well as facility visitor application information to verify Identity. Also uses facial recognition. The advantages for Security and Law enforcement is that no longer will there be a need to set up behind a desk computer or to go back to your patrol ...

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives all U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms. I have always grown up around firearms but always found it difficult to remember if I had the Safety on and I always found myself paranoid trying to make sure all the guns were turned to non-firing.

I have come up of an idea that could prevent any accidental shootings. Even though it won't STOP a gun from firing, it will tell the user that the gun is ready to fire and hopefully prevent the user from firing the gun.

This device would be simple in design. A small cube or rectangle with a small light. When the gun is put ...

Composite materials are gaining widespread use in aerospace, automotive, wind energy and other industries because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. However, composite structures are highly prone to impact damage. Very often, the presence and extent of the damage is hidden from view, and it can grow without being noticed, eventually leading to catastrophic failure of the structure. The susceptibility of composites to damage from impacts has raised safety and reliability concerns for airplanes, automobiles, rockets, wind blades, etc. Failure to detect the impact damage can lead to loss of life, loss of mission, and/or damage to flight hardware, facilities, and ground support equipment. As such, it is important to monitor the integrity of structure.

Acellent has developed a method ...

Object recognition and identification via the use of passive microwave molecular electro emissions quadro filler circuit scanner holographic spectrum analysis of phonon resonance modulation of matter scanned using x y z spatialization, a 1 plus 4 times five scanning array, based on using novel non linear coherence crystal technology. This detects the phonon resonance modulation of tenser tortion gassion wave as well as scaler and em waves or photons or phonon emissions of an object or complex of objects via photon modulation resonance detection so as to identify the object's shape and composition.

Unlike ordinary passive radio wave type scanners that have been studied and researched, invented, published in scientific literature and in some cases developed for phase one passives radio wave ...

It's hard for an Air Traffic Controller to decide the fate of an aircraft and the people onboard the aircraft when the landing gear does not extend or any one of the gear does not extend by diverting to a sea or a river or a forced belly landing on a runway surface. With tremendous risk involving fire during a belly landing or sinking in water also we have past history which clearly indicates an urgency to cater to the need for safety of the people onboard also to minimize the damage to an aircraft. As the need for safety has risen because of an increase in air traffic today and also it's a must for the world's busiest airports ...

In a Loss of Coolant Accident, such as those which occurred in TMI and at Fukushima, without effective cooling, the reactor core quickly overheats and begins to melt. This releases volatile radioactive elements into the pressure vessel atmosphere.

Cooling water brought into contact with an overheated and neutron-embrittled steel-reactor-pressure-vessel can cause cracks which lead to release of radioactive products. Within a matter of hours, increasing internal steam pressure, can lead to failure of the Containment Building, POSSIBLY through a tiny opening or crack, but WITH CERTAINTY BY BUILDING FRACTURES, once the internal pressure reaches 7-10 atmospheres, (EVEN IF NO EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE IS PRESENT).

In about 4 hours, after full water cooling is attempted on the core of an average ...

Asteroids and comets are some of the most accessible sources of space based raw materials and elements, rich with minerals, ores and even water, that can be exploited in-situ toward space architectures and systems development or for delivery to locations including moon, Mars and also the Earth. As proof of concept for a needed critical technology, capable of rendezvous, capture, and deflection of an asteroid of 30-50 m diameter, the design, construction, and placement of an early asteroid retrieval and deflection system, as a functional purpose built vehicle to be assembled and deployed from the ISS or a future Orbital Operations Platform gives immediate opportunity. The multi- phased program for construction of the retriever includes component based design and ...

A large number of deaths occur due to automobile accidents every day, most of which occur due to slow response from emergency services. Another reason is complete disability of the individual at the time of impact. Setting up an automatic response in automobiles to call for emergency services can save lives to a greater scale.

The solution for this is EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacons). This unit, which must be registered with your name and contact information, broadcasts a unique signal that is picked up by satellites that are constantly monitored. It then contacts rescue personnel, who can virtually pinpoint your location and send help. They can be installed in all automobiles and at an emergency situation it ...

The AVHIRAL consists of computer system hardware, containing a protected memory, and a network firewall.

- 1) The usefulness of Avhiral is a way to have a UTM at a relatively lower than conventional systems dedicated to a public career.

- 2) The use of Avhiral, the device has a 32 bit RISC processor which opens a lot of opportunity and power. The operation of Avhiral can receive packets from the web falling between the router and the central units, they are systematically treated and disinfected.

- 3) The Avhiral have an integrated firewall which can be configured via the RJ45 Ethernet port with an admin panel, just as some routers local IP address or DHCP.

- 4) The separate ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. To make bank robberies almost impossible.

2. The benefit is that you can capture the bank robber and recover the stolen money.

3. you don’t have to activate the alarm, it does it automatically. When the alarm triggers the bank doors lock, trapping the bank robber.

4. This idea would be applied to banks and other ...

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