Well Wear Secour During a Plane Crash

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Why wait until a commercial airliner crashed into the sea or on land to send a rescue team? Precious moments often elapse before arriving at the scene of the disaster to provide relief to victims, which in most cases it is already too late ...

So I propose to divide military aircraft vertical takeoff and landing in strategic points of the globe, highly secure these points of course, are chosen to coincide with the vertical paths used by civilian planes ... Each is near to take off at any moment to carry and drop off at the scene of the a disaster relief team and the equipment required by these kinds of interventions.

As soon as a civil aircraft sends out an SOS, the military plane to the nearest vertical takeoff is notified, and goes immediately with the rescue team to reach the aircraft in distress, reach the place he accompanied the civil aviation. If all goes well he turned around and returned to his place, if not as soon as the plane a parachute team to bring aid to victims and take action. If possibly fires have occurred, the aircraft with its ability to maneuver vertically can find a water source and the closest with a tank and a pump which it is equipped before it will attempt to extinguish to the extent possible these fires.


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    the large number of victims during the spit aircraft, part of which can be saved if help is present in the place just before the accident
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