Speed Indicator and Approaching Detector for Cars

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These exterior devices will help drivers who don´t have these precaution elements.

Figure 1: The rear speed indicator, indicates caution to the vehicle coming behind,
at the moment of overtaking in a safe way and contributes to respecting the speed limits of the area.

This device will be used in areas outside the city or in rural areas, where speed limits are higher.

The indication is over 30 mph, in intervals of 5 mph.

This device goes in the car rear, with an LED system as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2: In addition, a distance detector will be installed in the rear part, which will tell
the driver through the break lights how close the car in front is, being a good sign of warning in case of approaching.

The objective is to indicate that a car is not at a safe distance in case of a sudden break from the car in front.

The distance or approaching will be according to the corresponding law traffic of each area, in attention to the weather conditions or any other events on roads or highways.


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