Germless Handrail

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Think of how many times we climb or descent stairs in a typical day at work or at school or at the stadium or in the mall. Think of how many other people have used the handrail in the last hour. Is there any way you could wash your hands after touching every handrail? Not practical.

The spread of germs on a hand rail is one of the primary ways illness is transmitted in busy places. What we need is a system that prevents this transmission of illnesses and disease.

Maybe there is a way to keep the handrail clean and germfree. Maybe there is a way to sterilize the hands that use it. Maybe there is a way that we don't have to "hold" the actual handrail.

Maybe the handrail is "porous" and filled with an antibacterial solution.
Maybe there is periodic process to kills the germs on handrail ..... and on and on.....

A low cost design - for a potentially billion dollar market is needed.


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    Robert Downing
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