E-Witness Camera

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The E-Witness Camera is a simple solid state camera that constantly records images until a programmable event. It records to SSD memory until it's filled, then begins to write over the oldest captured images. It can also be programmed to cease recording (to prevent write-over) at certain events, such as a timed period after an alarm notification, g-sensor activation, or other actions.

Powered by solar, house current, battery, or usb, the switchable SVGA or HD video camera body can be mounted on walls, stands, rear-view mirrors, and even Velcro.

Possible uses: Security, area monitoring, wildlife viewing, or anything you wish to keep an eye on. Car companies could mount these as an option for insurance purposes.

Options can include: short range video transmission, wi-fi connectivity, IR capability, water resistance, armor for rougher than normal environments, and designer colors.


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