Compressor Lift Rigging

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Removing a compressor from a package air-conditioner has a number of challenges. There is usually little to rig any lifting equipment, the compressor is well over the weight anyone should attempt to lift alone. Removing the unit top and using a very large mobile crane is a possible solution, though very expensive to do.

The following illustrations are of a device I believe could be set up in the field and safely remove a compressor from a blind hole.

The lifting arm is attached to a sliding trolley with brake. The arm extends out past the A-frame support to reach above the compressor.

Once the compressor is strapped or chained to the arm, the geared winch raises the compressor free of the mounting feet.

The compressor is then trollied out over a cart to be transported to either a jib crane on the roof or waiting crane.

Two support arms are attached to spreader bars that are strapped to the top of the unit to provide support during the cantilevered lift.


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