Rear Window Position Indicator

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While driving my four door sedan I like to lower the rear windows slightly using the electronic window control feature that came with my car. This control feature is pretty much standard on most new cars and makes lowering or raising the rear windows a lot easier while driving. (Remember the old days when the driver would have to stop and park the car before using the hand cranks?). As convenient as motorized windows are, the system still lacks one capability that would make the process of adjusting the windows much more complete. The process I'm referring to is that of monitoring the windows action for feedback on its position. Presently, the only way to monitor the progress of the window's movement is to look back over your shoulder which requires taking your eyes off of the road. This is of course rather dangerous if the vehicle is moving.

A simple display on the driver's dashboard or instrument cluster to display the window's movement and position information. The display could provide position information graphically or digitally. This could be a percentage of range, an expanding or contracting arrow, a bar chart figure, etc... Anything that could serve as feedback for the driver to provide real-time information on the windows position would allow the driver to keep his eyes forward and on the road.


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