Automobile Emergency Position Indicator Beacon.

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A large number of deaths occur due to automobile accidents every day, most of which occur due to slow response from emergency services. Another reason is complete disability of the individual at the time of impact. Setting up an automatic response in automobiles to call for emergency services can save lives to a greater scale.

The solution for this is EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacons). This unit, which must be registered with your name and contact information, broadcasts a unique signal that is picked up by satellites that are constantly monitored. It then contacts rescue personnel, who can virtually pinpoint your location and send help. They can be installed in all automobiles and at an emergency situation it can be automatically triggered when the air bags deploy sending out signals for emergency services instantly. It can also be designed so that it can be triggered manually, in case the automobile gets stranded in the woods or breaks down in isolated areas.

• Immediate response from emergency services.
• Can track down and send help to exact location.
• Can also be used in case of car hijackers.
• Can be used to call for help if lost.


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