Understanding and Preventing the Cause of Road Accidents Using LabVIEW

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Everyday the media brings us the horrible news on road accidents. How to investigate the cause of an accident by recording some data like alcohol sensing, location and speed etc. is presented in this project. If an accident has occurred then how to intimate the relatives or to the nearest police station or hospital so as to avoid major tragedy is presented. For showing the exact location in maps, window in LabVIEW is designed which is a powerful tool for automation and presenting the vital information in graphical way. This new approach will benefit the business by reducing software life cycle time and faster release of new products into the market.

Introduction and Background Theory:

Vibration Sensor: - This sensor buffers a piezoelectric transducer. As the transducer is displaced from the mechanical neutral axis, bending creates strain within the piezoelectric element and generates voltages. By the value of Vibrating sensor we come to know that accident is occurring or not

Alcohol Sensor: - This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer. Sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration.

GPS: - By GPS we can know about the perfect location of the vehicle when accident has occurred.

GSM: - It is Global System for Mobile Communication it is used in sending sms to the one Mobile No. in programming about the information about the Accident occurred, driver is drunk or not, speed of the vehicle, etc.

Personal Computer: - A Personal Computer with Pentium-IV processor to which LabVIEW v8.6 software is loaded is used to monitor, generate control signal and to display temperature of the plant.

PIC Target Board :- The PIC Target Board offers a sophisticated and flexible Hardware and Software developing environment that enables the user to develop ,test and research assembly level programmers for various applications. The PIC Target Board can be linked to the PC through an RS232 interface. The PC is to be loaded with kit-compatible software called P1618QP which helps in down loading the Program into the PIC.


If accident is occurred then vibrating sensor sense above the limit of prescribes value and the send data to the PIC Controller PIC 16F877A. The sensor data that at the time of accident driver is drunk or not, speed at the time of accident and location of it is send by sms through PIC controller. At receiver side LabVIEW with PC connection is there. The data is monitor and shown in LabVIEW and at receiver through sms. See fig 1.

Fig 2 contains Front Panel of the project before accident occurred. Fig 3 contains Front Panel of the project after accidents are occurred.

In this project we gave an overview of the understanding the cause of a road (car) accident using LabVIEW which is quite easy to understand and effective.


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