ESB System - Vehicle's Emergency Starting Battery

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ESB Emergency Starting Battery VS (Vehicle Series)

ESB, means ‘’Emergency Starting Battery,’’ a new manufacturing innovation in the battery field, a new idea and proposal as well.

An innovation which will insure you reach your destination safely.

ESB can be used as an alternative (saving) back-up emergency starting battery, which is directly connected to the vehicle’s electrical power system. It is a battery that will get you out of a difficult situation and will start your engine when the main battery will just not do it.
The ESB improves much further the passenger’s safety regarding all possible consequences that might be followed after a power failure from the vehicle’s main battery. It provides an interruptible (or manual) power back-up for the purpose of engine starting and certainly for all possible electrical consumption loads.

Until present, there is nothing similar to the ESB system in the international market.

What does it mean to be equipped with an ESB battery?

• You will never have to worry again that you might not get to your destination because of a dead battery.
• You will never be in danger of waiting for help, on the road, or out in the middle of nowhere. You will safely reach your destination without any stop.

ESB is a very handy 12V rechargeable sealed without maintenance battery with long life time
(5-10 years) and a quite low manufacturing cost. It is very small in size and lightweight. It weighs 6.60 pounds approximately and offers a very high rate starting current, 200Amps through 800Amps (even at lower temperatures).

Due to the very low self discharge rate, even if the vehicle is parked for 4 months the ESB will always be ready to start your engine. It uses safe technologies, total recyclable materials, it can be mounted in any orientation. US DOT and IATA certified as non-spillable. Reliable, versatile, high performance power.

ESB battery could be developed in two different battery technologies.
A. In VRLA (PbCaSn) technology (with the weight of 6.60 pounds) .
B. In LiFePo4 nanotechnology based innovation (with the weight of 3.30 pounds).

It is very easy to be installed. It could be activated manually, or be in a fully automatic mode by using optional a smart start monitor for an interruptible battery power operation.
ESB is charged separately in the same way as the main vehicle’s battery.


ESB is ready to be applied in the automotive industry and be consolidated as a new standard to the international motor vehicle market (as the ESB standard).

ESB could be applied in 3 ways.

First, it could be installed straight at the manufacturing plant for any given vehicle production.
Secondly, as a spare part (following the vehicle’s service schedule).
Thirdly, as a safety accessory for every vehicle, which will be distributed from the authorised technical partners.

There is a huge market potential for the ESB product, because as it has been already been mentioned there is no any other similar product in the global market.


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