Momentary Parachute

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Momentary Parachute unit with extremely low opened time (about 30 ms).
Combines two in one: parachute and big air bag.

Saves life of people when jumps from low altitude, for example, skyscrapers - tall buildings, aero plans, aero balloons and other low flying crafts.

In such cases ordinary devices are not suitable because of their long time to get ready.

The mainline of idea is applying of blasting gas as in automobile airbags for a quick open parachute that must save life of falling people in case of fire and other danger.

Covers of parachute are made of a nylon or polyester fabric coated with neoprene (a synthetic rubber).

Manual button energizes the inflator. Within the bag assembly is a metal container with pellets of sodium aside, a chemical that when ignited produces nitrogen gas. Control module heats a wire that ignites the pellets. A large amount of nitrogen gas is quickly produced and rushes into the bag, causing it to inflate. Deployment occurs extremely fast (in 20 to 35 milliseconds) and with explosive force. The device bursts outward at speeds of up to 320 km/h (200 mph). Talcum powder or cornstarch is typically packed with the bag to act as a lubricant so that the folded bag doesn’t stick together.

The form of the device may be various – dome, dish, sphere


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