Fire Fighter UAV

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Amid frantic cries for help, some youths from the nearby locality joined in the rescue, pulling out those still alive, long before firefighters reached the spot. The death toll would have been less had the hospital authorities allowed them in to evacuate the patients earlier.

Yes, it was this fire accident that broke out around 3 a.m. in the basement of the seven-storey building of the Advanced Medical Research Institute (AMRI) Hospitals at Dhakuria threatening the lives of the 164 in-patients.

Many such disasters have occured due to lack of timely rescue operations. Isn't there any solution to this issue?

The first weaponized Unmanned Air Vehicles were armed with standard munitions, meeting payload weight restrictions of existing unmanned vehicles.

The UAVs could instead be implemented as life saver contradicting its origin as a life killer. In order to save the analysis time required on site by the firemen, the UAV idea can be implemented in the scenario.

As soon as the emergency call triggers the fire department, it sends a UAV from the proximal fire department branch to the epicenter. It captures the scene of destruction and transmits the video live to the Fire extinguishing VAN containing a receiver. By the time the rescue team arrives the spot, it frames a clear picture of the zone and plans to execute the rescue operation. This in turn helps to save time saving many more lives.

Advanced Microwave Products that offer high quality video and data transmission products such as FSK Data Transmitters and Receivers with features Up to 115.2 kbps; RS-232, TTL (3.3V), RS422, or RS485 data formats, high sensitivity and compact rugged enclosures form a part of the payload.

The main advantage of this is its light weighted carbon fiber body that can withstand high temperatures.


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