Accidental Discharge Indicator Attachment (ADIA)

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The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives all U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms. I have always grown up around firearms but always found it difficult to remember if I had the Safety on and I always found myself paranoid trying to make sure all the guns were turned to non-firing.

I have come up of an idea that could prevent any accidental shootings. Even though it won't STOP a gun from firing, it will tell the user that the gun is ready to fire and hopefully prevent the user from firing the gun.

This device would be simple in design. A small cube or rectangle with a small light. When the gun is put to Fire, the light will light up a bright red hopefully attracting the user's eyes to the light. This will tell the user that the gun is ready to Fire and if he does not mean to fire the gun, he can put the gun to Safety. When the gun is turned to its Safety, the light will turn off.

The light will be triggered by the Safety switch. A small 'pressure pad' will be touching the safety switch when the firearm is in Fire and it will not touch when the switch is in the Safe-position.

The device will attach to the gun by spring or plastic clamps. The device and clamps would have to be modified to fit different types of guns (pistols, rifles, etc).

The device would be run by a battery similar to those small lithium ion watch batteries.

The picture is a quick thought of what the device could look like.


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