Hydrodynamic Submarine

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*It is an invention of most extreme simplicity.

*It consists only in a new design of the hull, which the shape is cylindrical and where the water is sucked in the prow, passing through internal side ducts and being expelled in the stern.

*The hydrodynamic submarine is “pulled” by the low pressure of the water that is sucked in its front, besides being pushed for the high pressure of its propulsion.

*Near to the propeller’s spin occurs a great pressure difference. In the Hydrodynamic Submarine, the low pressure is displaced from the propeller’s spin line, in the poop, to the submarine’s front.

*In the conventional model the low pressure of the water is not used as pulling force.

*** New, non-obvious, useful (PCT/WIPO 2012).


1)The Hydrodynamic Submarine does not push the water, but pulls the water, that pulls the submarine.

2)The sucked water in the prow is repositioned in the stern.

3)Possessing cylindrical shape, it doesn’t externally moves the water.

4)Two are the causes of the movement resistance in the water:
1ª The heavy water mass to be moved (main cause).
2ª The roughness of the hull (secondary cause).

5)The conventional model performs a great effort to push the great water mass in its front.

6)The Hydrodynamic Submarine generates a low pressure in its prow front.

7)The water inside the ducts is accelerated.


The production cost is not altered.

Better protection against detection by radars.

Conversion possibility of the conventional submarine model.

Allows advance with greater speed and less effort.

Considerably reduces the resistance of the water.

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