Hurricane Roof-Off Preventor

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Problem the Design Solves: During hurricanes, the ROOFS of many homes and businesses come off, resulting in extreme interior and exterior damage from wind and rain, walls blown down, and interior furnishings destroyed. Extensive financial loss in millions of dollars results, and loss of human life, is involved in the US alone.

Bernoulli's Theorum states that in any Fluid Flow, including Air: "Where Velocity is Greatest, Pressure is Least"! This is shown in the attached ILLUSTRATION which shows Laminar flow over a WING and also over a ROOF, both producing LIFT! Smooth LAMINAR flow is required to produce LIFT.

The problem results since the airflow inside the attic is ZERO, whereas the airflow over the ROOF is 155 mph or greater! Thus nature follows Bernoulli's Theorum and the ROOF comes off! This LIFT can be significantly reduced by TURBULANCE, intentionally or un-intentionally created.

In this design, TURBULANCE is intentionally created on the ROOF by installing a SLAT, similar to the flap on an SBD Dive Bomber. It comes in lengths of 3, 6, and 12 feet, 8 inches hi, and 1 inch thick. The SLAT has many 1 inch holes in its surface to create the TURBULANCE. The design of the SLAT and its base permits the the base to be simply attached to the ROOF using lagscrews or clamps; and the edge of the base curves over the edge of the ROOF in a manner that does not intefere with the gutters or their attachments The base supports the SLAT at a 45 degree angle to the ROOF. Frotunately,the hurricqane wind over the SLAT creates a downward force helping to hold the SLAT to the ROOF.

NOVEL: The HURRICANE ROOF-OFF PREVENTOR is NOVEL! There is NO known/existing solution to this severe porblem!

Application: The HURRICANE ROOF-PREVENTOR will be first applied in hurricane prone areas throughout the U.S, along the East Coast and California; then to exposed islands, and throughout the world.

It is important to note that this design is not intended to destroy the extensive forces od a hurricane, but to adapt proven Aeronautical Technology to prevent the removal of ROOFS!


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