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A.C.C.S.S (Access and Crime Control Security System)
Designed and outfitted for use with iPAD, iPhone and Android Tablets and phones for DOD, Homeland Security, large Goverment contractors, private corporations, local, state and federal law enforcement entities.

Utilizing ID Cards, Scanner, programming and applications with tight security protocols. This system will not be accessable to all. Only those set up for it with proper credentials that will be required.

This system will utilize all employee information as well as facility visitor application information to verify Identity. Also uses facial recognition. The advantages for Security and Law enforcement is that no longer will there be a need to set up behind a desk computer or to go back to your patrol car to check for information.

Also there will no longer be a need to stand and look at hundreds of tiny pictures on an ID card. Information and photographs will be linked with the ID cards, and be easily updatable. Great for airport security and law enforcement as they will not have to access a laptop or return to an office location.

The scanner sits atop or on the side of the device attached to a case which covers the exterior of the device. Upon activating the program, which requires activation only once, the card is scanned and all pertinent information is brought to the screen for view.

Upon the system being idle for a select amount of time, the program will automatically close and lock. Accessability requires the Officer or security officials badge number or set access number to activate. This information could be No Fly List, Criminal History, Discipline Action, Department numbers, Company information, Supervisor contact, Driving history, wants and warrants, current address, vehicle registation information etc.

This application, scanner and software have an enormous amount of applications that can be set up for any entity, customized to their needs. This will not contain personal information. It is designed to be a business tool, to make life a little easier for the countless number of people on point every day.

A.C.C.S.S can also benefit military and officials on all military installations, from verifying DOD vehicle tags to visitors and clearance levels. the device is small and more compact than a laptop computer and is mobile. The system can also remove the errors that come with fatigue, relative to attempting to read hundreds of small I.D pictures on a credit card size badge or license, removing chances for error.

A.C.C.S.S can be carried with little to no fatigue and is compact enough to fit inside of a duty bag or clipboard with storage. The system does utilize tablet and phone technology. New I.D cards with the loaded information will also be created upon contract.


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