Electromagnetic Speed Breaker

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The conventional speed breakers have become back breakers at low speed and life breaker at high speed because of more accidents due to sudden hump and poor visibility. Many accidents are caused because of inadequate illumination of the speed breaker. Although speed bumps are effective in keeping vehicle speed down, their use is sometimes controversial as they can cause noise and possibly vehicle damage if taken at too great a speed. Poorly designed speed bumps can be hard to negotiate in vehicles with low ground clearance. The ideal speed breaker is one that does not cause damage to vehicles and discomfort to riders and drivers if the vehicle slows down to the preferred crossing speed.

Here a new idea is introduced to avoid all limitations in the conventional speed breaker and to get additional advantages over the existing methods. In this idea an “Electromagnetic speed breaker” is introduced. This system consists of a weighing unit, Electromagnetic unit and speed observing system. When the vehicle enters in to the critical zone, the speed of the vehicle is observed and the corresponding input signal is developed and sent to the control unit. Based on the speed of the car, the control unit energizes the electromagnetic coils placed in the electromagnetic chamber corresponding to the input signal from the speed observing system. The electromagnetic field tends to attract the vehicle and results in increasing the weight of the vehicle. The increasing weight increases the drive torque of the vehicle results in reducing the speed for its maximum driving power. The weighing unit measures the weight of the vehicle and produces the input signal which sent to the control unit to generate suitable electromagnetic force based on the weight of the vehicle like car, van, bus, truck, heavy duty truck, etc.,

In this speed breaker, the speed of the vehicle can be reduced for any required declaration level without any damages to the vehicle and discomfort to the passengers. This is not only breaking the speed, it can be act as a speed controller on the highways. The alarm provided in the speed observing system gives prior indication about the speed breaker to the driver. This system is more time dependent, whenever it needs, it can be simply switched ON. The electro magnets are only energized when getting signal from the speed observing system to eliminate wastage of electricity during idle time. The data of the crossing vehicle related to its speed, weight and time are stored and can be taken for further legal actions for over speed and overweight.

The additional object of this design is, this system can be used as a check post without any cross posts or barriers. The trouble shooters like thieves, smugglers, etc can be easily arrested at this check posts without any accident or damages while they are escaping by using vehicles.


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