Behavioural Monitoring System - Driving

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Aim :
To rate the driving practice and behavior among drivers and rate them by their driving behavior

To assess the driver's behavior and driving practice in terms of response and reaction time to a fellow motorist and pedestrians and to identify poor drivers & scrutinizing their driving habits.

Need for the program:
In a developing nation like India, where the majority of the population travel a quite a long distance (to the workplace), the commuters travel an average two hours a day by road. The need for the program is to assess every driver's social responsibility in ensuring safety for passengers, pedestrians and others. This program also aims at identifying potential dangerous drivers (who could be counseled and trained to modify the driving habit)

Criteria for Assessment (For Example)
On- A Straight Road :-
The system monitors the distance at which the driver, changes lane when a forward vehicle is in motion. The system monitors the distance at which the driver can pullover & changes lane when an upcoming vehicle. other parameters such as vehicle speed, signaling, etc. are also monitored

During Cornering :-
The system monitors the vehicle corner approach speed, exit speed & the steering input, to Ascertain if the vehicle was following the prescribed speed limitation prevailing in the region.

Narrow Roads :-
The Speed & steering input given by the vehicle towards another approaching vehicle can be measured as a criteria for measurement.

How Does it Work

On-all conditions the vehicle's ECU identifies the upcoming vehicle with the use of a RF Identity with-in a fraction of seconds & stores in the memory. so when every driver goes for a mandatory data logging time to time, the centralized system pools in all the data available & scrutinizes the data logged & identifies the defaulters in the pre-described traffic rules, while encountering such conditions the rating of the Driver is being influenced and at adverse condition resulting in judicial proceedings, Counseling, etc. The System if being installed on vehicles would monitors the Driver's Input Constantly & keep a track on their rash and offensive behavior and would help the government agencies to take necessary actions.

1. Road Profiles to be modeled - Worldwide detail (available online)
2. Driver Identification system - (Bio Metric-Identification)
3. Vehicle Sensors, ECU & Accessories - (To be Designed)
4. Vehicle Sensor function monitoring - Closed loop (to identify sensor failure)
5. Data Interpretation (pool up of data & scrutinizing)
6. Driver Assessment - On regular basis evaluation (one-two months)

1. Clear Identification of Safe Drivers
2. Avoids Under-aged users (minors) from driving (Driver Identification)
3. Safe Driving Practices.
4. Elimination of Road accidents


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