Proof Structural Design

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The Proof Structural Design is intended to save lives from tornadoes. Less than 3% of America’s homes include storm shelters, and tornadoes are responsible for taking thousands of people’s lives. Each time a deadly tornado or storm system hits, homes and businesses are destroyed, and each time we rebuild them exactly as they were built before, costing us billions of dollars. By doing this we are simply waiting for the next deadly storm system of tornadoes to rip apart our homes and claim more lives. If this many lives are lost then shouldn’t we learn from our mistakes? Even with added structural support the architecture of an everyday home cannot withstand the force of a tornado. The proof structural design allows for the tornado’s winds to easily flow over the dome shaped home as opposed to the architecture of a normal home which attempts to resist the unbeatable force of a tornado. The aerodynamic dome design does not resists the force of the tornado, rather it blends into the lands, giving no flat edge for the tornado’s winds to push on, and so instead of being blown away the tornado simply rolls over the home. With further development this design could become more diverse. It could possibly withstand other natural disasters other than tornados such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The proof design is filled with the potential of saving millions of lives across the world.



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