Inflatable Life Mattress

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My design will solve the problem of children drowning mainly in swimming pools. My design is better than other safety products on the market, because it takes the human factor out, from detecting a child drowning to bringing the child to the water’s surface, getting rid of any possibility of human error. Another advantages of my design is all the technology that it takes to make my design is already out there, making the production of my design cheaper and easier to make and mass produce, so anyone with small kids or big kids can own one.

My design is easy to install so anyone can install it in their own pool or you could pay someone to do it for you, and the only part that needs to be replaced after my design or mattress is deflated is the compressed air tank which can be changed for a newly filled compressed air tank.

How my design works
First there is a mat that looks like a rubber air mattress with holes four inches in diameter every foot of the mattress, to allow water to pass from one side of the mattress to the other side quickly. This mattress is a little bit smaller than the whole diameter of the pool. The mattress should only be three to four inches thick when fully inflated. When deflated on the bottom of the pool, the mattress should only be about half an inch thick, and the mattress is held down by weights, sewn into the mattress.

A sensor in the pool that can detect someone falling in then opens the air tank valve (air tank valve opens automatically if the power goes out) filling the mattress with air raising the mattress off the floor of the pool to the surface. The child is on the top of the mat so he will be saved. An adult will be able to crawl out on the mat to save the child.

The mattress would be made like any inflated pool toy is made and out of the same or similar materials.


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