Safe Landing System for Bikes During Skid

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This project is developed to save human life, based on a friction safety system. In 2010 about 4,935 people were killed riding motorcycles of different kinds. One-fourth of these motorcycle accidents were single vehicle accidents involving the motorcycle colliding with the roadway or some fixed object in the environment.

To develop a safety device that encounters an accident before the human body comes into contact.


The friction pads in the device should have maximum contact with the rubbing surface.

Air bags to nullify vibration and force available.

The actuators should bear the impact load during the accident.

The device can destruct itself in order to save the rider.

The device must not fail at any circumstance.

The device can have an air bag system , which protects human from sudden impact during accidents.

The overall weight of the device should not affect the performance .


This safety device is so developed that, when the motor bike skids, the first thing that would come into contact with the ground is a footrest pad (as observed in Indian bikes). Thereby a push type switch is positioned below the footrest.

As the bike skids, this push button is triggered to operate a gas cylinder which actuates 4 actuators. 2 at front and 2 at rear, whose pistons are fitted with friction pads.

Check points
1. The inclination at this situation in retained by pistons projected out of the actuators. Thereby preventing the legs of the rider from coming into contact with the ground.
2. Air bags are inflated to tackle the thrust and vibration at the same point.
3. The kinetic energy at this situation is nullified by the friction pads which are rubbing against the road.
4. To react to the lifting of of rider from seat, a waist belt is provided to the rider.


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