Advanced Security Scanner

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Object recognition and identification via the use of passive microwave molecular electro emissions quadro filler circuit scanner holographic spectrum analysis of phonon resonance modulation of matter scanned using x y z spatialization, a 1 plus 4 times five scanning array, based on using novel non linear coherence crystal technology. This detects the phonon resonance modulation of tenser tortion gassion wave as well as scaler and em waves or photons or phonon emissions of an object or complex of objects via photon modulation resonance detection so as to identify the object's shape and composition.

Unlike ordinary passive radio wave type scanners that have been studied and researched, invented, published in scientific literature and in some cases developed for phase one passives radio wave scanners by other researchers over the years using regular photon only technology electromagnetic waves, the phase two using passive phonon resonance technology can more accurately identify what an object is constituted of as well as deep scan through a volume of space through other objects if present. There is one small phase two demonstration study that has been published by Bob or Robert Jerreld Dratch on the use of phonon resonance detection under laboratory conditions and I found it to be very impressive compared to some competition using regular phase one active photon detection systems, using a sort of specially prepered light and a passive phase one passive microwave detector designed to detect road ice via the hydrogen line resonance. The basics of a photon detector whether a passive microwave detector or an active photon detector using a light or photon source is essentially the detection of photons light. This has been well studied by many researchers and published in many papers. The detection of phonons is essentually done by the use of a quadrofiller anttenna system using four elements plus one for tar or reference in a dice array of five elements in the scanner head for the array. Each element consistes of a mineral crystal possibly using rhodium indiumate crystal or orgonite crystal type followed by dual diode detector on each antenna element then the data is sent to a special computer proccesser unit and then on to a more generic IMB PC unit and then to an imaging display and oscilloscope spectrum analyzer.

The original scanner technology was developed by Bob Dratch but the security concept has been developed by me.The advantage of using Dratch bdelphin technology in a security scanner system is that it can be a highly automated self service security koisk much like a soda machine. How a user would use such a kiosk: after putting funds into the bill taker coin box credit reader account, vend and print an epass and admit one to the scanner. The scanner would vend a scan and the person would then be scanned.


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