Island Home

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Island Home is a series of floating cities with greenhouse farms on top. The idealized concept would have the farm area enclosed beneath a single dome. Because of current technology limits, and the fact that these islands should be submersible, the greenhouses will first be built with smaller, water-tight enclosures. The telescoping boom on the underside of each island will contain a heat transfer system to provide cooling and some power generation. The islands also contain their own propulsion systems for maneuvering and additional power generation.

The steady rise of water in our oceans is encroaching on the land of island nations and may soon cover some. By moving their populations into floating city/farms, these nations can remain where they are geographically and retain their identity.

Tectonic plates are shifting. The resulting earthquake and tsunami damage has displaced many people. Floating city/farms can offer relief.

Island Home floating islands will provide the space and a good environment for research facilities.

Additional issues addressed:
-Research facilities for the testing and development of an enclosed, self-sustaining eco-system as will be necessary for long duration space flights such as the Mars Mission.
?R&D of, existing and new, alternative energy systems to generate power.
?R&D of, existing and new, aqua-culture systems.
?R&D of, existing and new, water reclamation and purification systems.
?R&D of, existing and new, air-lock/docking systems.
?R&D of vehicles that can use these docking systems (e.g. water bus for inter-island personnel and equipment transportation).
?R&D of, existing and new, oxygen generation systems.
?R&D of, existing and new, shipboard HVAC systems.
?R&D of shipboard maintenance facilities.
-Education and training, of the displaced populations, in the maintenance and up-keep of their new island home, including new, sustainable, farming methods which will reduce the consumption of natural resources.

The ocean location of these islands permits the use and experimentation with a variety of energy sources for power (e.g. solar, wind, ocean wave motion, thermal differential, etc.). Some may be applicable for adaptation for space flight. More compact energy generation and storage systems will be required. Products will be constantly improved upon.

Before any of the facilities designed for eventual use in space flight are able to be used in space, they will be usable here on Earth. Power, potable water, and self contained eco-systems for farming will help many people in today’s world.

Designers who have a problem to solve, a goal to work toward, can be very creative in their solutions. Large, ocean-going ships are no longer built all in one piece but in smaller, manageable sections, as the Island Home islands must be. Many trades and factories will be needed and there should be a general improvement in the world’s economy due to the broad scope of this project. World-wide research will be used, and the islands will be the laboratories.


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