Daily Driving Safety

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Mi invention consist of a video device that can be installed in any vehicle in order to have a way to maintain a constant monitoring of the daily driving each individual performs.

This device is built using up to four modules, each module has a video camera, and integrated microphone and a solid state memory; this characteristics allows the public in general to select one, two, three of the four modules and consequently the price which every person can determine is their best investement for safety and security in the daily transportation,

Each one of the modules provides video images and recorded sound of the last 20 minutes of operation.

The purpose of this device is to provide everybody a tool that will allow the vehicle operator enough information that will show any authority or insurance representative to observe and determine the reason of any driving conflict, any accident or any legal transgrecion real or false.

As it happens during aircraft accidents the video and sound recording will become the most used and thrusted method to analize and investigate the facts that happen during the daily driving operations with a real reasonable cost.

These modules can be upgraded to be remotly recorded and/or monitored, depending on the user desicion.



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