Underground Parking for 3 & 4 Wheeler

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Today vehicle parking space is creating problem for our cities. There are different types of vehicles -- 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, heavy vehicle like tempo, bus, truck, etc.

As my innovation is major vehicle in road is 2, 3 and 4 wheeler but 2 wheeler can adjust its parking space but for 3 & 4 wheeler we can't adjust it just block the road. Some public transport like auto rickshaws and taxis create the problem of traffic parking near by the road when they let off the passenger. Tthis innovation in underground parking will reduce the space needed on road.

How its Works: On the image you can see the hydraulic lift. When auto rickshaw or taxi drops off the passenger they can park their vehicle underground. Electronic equipment has been designed which will help the driver whether they got passenger for a ride even in this underground parking private 3 & 4 wheeler can park on the road.

This innovation is only for 3 & 4 wheelers but if some place 2 wheeler or heavy vehicle is there for them also this concept can apply. Only thing is area of space underground and hydraulic lift machine has to change.


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