As we know, bikes have been an important form of transportation used by civilization for centuries and have helped in moving their users in a lighter and faster way to their destinations.

A full-time four-wheel-drive system for a motor vehicle is big, heavy, expensive, and inefficient. It requires a clutch, transmission, three differentials, two drive shafts, and four axles. The transmission contains dozens of moving parts, and each differential includes another half dozen. To get to the wheels,

As we know, when we start the engine, power from the engine is transmitted through a fly wheel clutch, drive shaft, gear box, final drive, rear axle and finally reaches the rear wheels to drive our vehicle. We need different speeds for different applications,

The ElectraCopter is a single-seat ultralight electric helicopter. At 150 lbs empty with batteries, it will fit into the 254 lb limit USA ultralight category for unlicensed aircraft. It can be potentially used in other categories and in other countries, depending on regulations and design criteria.

TRANSPORTING without ACCIDENTS or ENERGY for a few percent of today’s cost is not a structural, technological, or financial problem. Something that could have been crudely achieved without most in the late 1800’s in the ability to produce a 15’ dia.

To control an aircraft, the wing always has certain movable surfaces. All movable surfaces are at down stream because if you install a flap pointing forward, it will create instability and be damaged unless the mechanism is really strong (which will increase the weight significantly).

" A floating marina."

"Three yachts clubbed into one."

Albatross yacht is a 200m mega yacht that also features two skimmer yachts that are always ready to sail independently. This concept yacht takes privacy and functionality to a higher level,

This entry is a concept for a high-speed rail network that would be integrated into the automobile-based infrastructure of the United States. High-speed rail has already proven to be a convenient, fast,

The concept of this system is an overhead lightweight magnetic levitated train capable of high speed in any type of weather, including icy conditions. It would be constructed with airframe technology to keep it strong but lightweight.

Its design is for intercity service,

The T.W.I.N.S. (Trans-Web Infrastructure Network System) Projects (www.aquaterraplanetaryholdings.com) propose to create a single-standard national and international infrastructure and transportation network system consisting of Terra (Land-based) and Aqua (Ocean-based) Bypass Stations that are to be interconnected by a single-standard transport Operating System (OS).

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