Simple Walking Mechanism

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Walking Mechanical Mule

The Walking Mechanical Mule is a very simple, purely mechanical walking platform. It is based on a special form of unique "7 link mechanism." It is actuated by a simple rotating crank and it has NO additional controls!

The Walking Mechanical Mule presented here was built as a "Proof of Principle" prototype and extensively tested. The Walking Mechanical Mule is able to match most of the excellent "Big Dog" performance – except for jumps.

The technical characteristics of the Walking Mechanical Mule are as follows:

Length 1680 mm
Width* 680 mm
Height 525 mm
Weight 80 kg
Payload 100 kg
Operating speed 6 km/h
Operating range** 10 km
* The width was chosen to enable the Mule to pass through apartment doors.
** With auxiliary 1.0 kW charger – "unlimited"
Of course – the dimensions of this prototype do not indicate any limitations on the walking platforms that can be built on the "7 link mechanism" principle! The payload/weight ratio improves with size.

The Mechanical Mule demonstrated its high mobility in the sand dunes, rough (stony) terrain, and stair climbing and descending ability. Special attachment is provided for the disabled to convert the Mule to the Stair Climbing and Cross-country Chair. Another attachment enables the Mule to transport a loaded stretcher.

The schematic illustration of the Walking Mechanical Mule is provided at left.

The link for YouTube video of the Walking Mechanical Mule:



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