LIVY the Light Urban Delivery Vehicle

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What problem does the LIVY design solve?

The LIVY allows for deliveries to be made in large and dense urban areas at a much lower cost than traditional methods. It is also a great upgrade to current green methods of city delivery which uses pedal/electric driven models. The LIVY tries to make an all electric delivery vehicle convenient by tripling and even quadrupling the total charge endurance which will allow for extended runs, and much greater distance.

What are LIVY’s benefits?

The LIVY allows for the transportation of 800 kg of freight as opposed to the pedal/electric versions which carry only 180kg. There is also the benefit of employing one person to make up to 5 times more deliveries and in much less time as the ….. can drive at double the speed of alternatives.

Where can LIVY be applied?

The LIVY is designed to operate in large and congested urban areas. Though larger than other green alternatives, it is still significantly smaller than conventional delivery trucks and can fit in tighter spaces.

What is the market potential?

Market potential will be enormous as the LIVY is a base replacement for all conventional petrol vehicles. The technology can be converted in a number of ways to fit many other vehicle types as needed and so market potential is only as large as the entire logistics industry.

How does the LIVY work?

The LIVY uses the weight of the vehicle to pressurize water to run pistons. The pistons replicate a gas engine to create power through a low RPM generator. There are two pistons per wheel adding up to two motors and two generators which can each produce up to 10kw of power at 500 RPMs and up.

It will be powered by a 20kw AC motor which will allow for easy regenerative braking to increase power creation. An AC motor will also provide more torque which is essential to the freight weight, and is a lot safer in the event of a problem/failure.

The tires will be subject to loss of performance when it comes to high speed, but the purpose of this vehicle is not speed. More attention will have to be paid to the tire design inevitably to ensure smooth operation.


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