Multiple Motors Electric Car

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My design idea is to produce an electric battery operated car with a separate electric motor supplying power to each wheel. The car shall be designed to operate a magnetic perpetual motion charging generator as the wheels turn. By designing and using slim line water proof electric motors(protected by skid plates) that will be mounted underneath the car and freeing up the entire trunk and hood area for the location of batteries, generator, luggage, spare tire, etc. This design would also transfer weight as low as possible to enhance handling and weight distribution. Each electric motor would be wound for optimum performance and speed. As an example, the front left wheel motor could be wound to be operated at optimum performance between speeds of zero to 30 mph. The right front wheel motor could be wound to be operated at speeds from 30 to 50 mph. The left rear wheel motor could be wound to be operated at speeds from 50 to 70 mph. The right rear wheel motor would be wound to be operated at speeds in excess of 70 mph. To save costs a cheaper model could be offered utilizing just two motors, one on each rear wheel. Left wheel motor wound for speeds zero to 50 mph. And right rear wheel wound for speeds of 50 mph and above.

In addition a gas-powered, quiet generator in the trunk would allow extra charging capacity and have extra outlets that could be used on outings during camping, picnicking, emergengy lighting, etc. Any over-charging while the generator is running would automatically go to the batteries(computer controlled). The gas generator would kick on automatically as needed or it could be started to charge the batteries while at work, at a cafe, shopping, etc.

The design ideas and novel improvements outlined in the above paragraphs could be manufactured competitively in the current factories that are already being utilized. Cost and weight saving design will eliminate the need for a heavy gas engine, transmission, rear end components, radiator, clutch, exhaust system, torque converter and drive shaft. The cost would compare with electric cars already in the marketplace.

In summary, there are several problems my design ideas will solve-
Making plenty of room under the hood area for the batteries and cargo, ample room in the trunk for the generators and cargo. Eliminate the need for stopping at a station to recharge your batteries. Optional ways of charging the batteries thereby saving time and money and eliminating constraints on distances one could travel in an electric car. In the event of an accident the batteries will automatically disconnect as the airbags deploy. All these improvements will be great selling features. Wrap all this up in a sleek, modern aerodynamic design, keeping the price competitive, and this car will appeal to all ages!

The drawing included shows the approximate location of the 4 motors. The exact placement and size of the motors must be engineered to allow room for suspension and steering components.


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