Metal Clad Vacuum Super Insulation

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A Super Thermal Insulator that will last over 100 years and potentially save the planet.

A simple patented technology makes it possible to achieve insulation values of 0.0015 W/mK. This means that a panel only 15 mm thick could replace the wall of a building nearly half a metre thick. If attached to the outside of an existing building it slashes the heating and cooling costs of the building and if coupled with other patented technologies makes it possible to make the building self sufficient. The anticipated costs of doing this make it very attractive to the occupier of the building.

Because the basic product will be covered in a very thin stainless steel it can also operate in temperatures between minus 150°C and plus 600°C. This opens up the possibility of it being used in a multiplicity of different areas. It is very strong and its typical density is only 0.15 grams/cubic centimetre making it a technology with infinite potential.

Using this VSI material coupled with other existing designs and patented technologies makes it possible to efficiently capture and store, for many months, high grade thermal energy that can be instantly converted into electricity, cooling and heating as and when needed. This opens up the possibility that most properties could become self sufficient for all their energy needs. A typical “Energy System” is a tri generation system using free environmental energy and typically has an overall efficiency of about 75%.

Originally invented to be used as part of very high efficiency solar thermal panels this technology could eventually help reduce cycle times on industrial ovens and furnaces as well as a myriad of other potential uses.

Any existing metal clad insulating panel conducts so much heat through its edge that the panel has to either very large in area or thick in section to limit this conduction in relation to the overall size of the panel. With is new technology its basic principle is to use a very thin metal skin where the special edges of any panel have a long conductive path contained within a small cross sectional area; an example of a section has been copied from the patent application and shown in the attached sketch. Because the demand for this product is potentially infinite it is important that the raw materials are readily available and the finished product will be comparatively cheap. The product has been designed to be mass produced in automated manufacturing facilities and if made this way will be significantly cheaper than any existing materials with similar thermal properties.

With such a technology it means that the initial capital investment will be large but well worth it for all concerned.


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