AutoMate Transportation System

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The Automate system aims to provide a sustainable transportation solution for our cities. Many concepts try to overcome the ever growing losses due to traffic jams, pollution and traffic accidents. AutoMate provides an innovative system design which aims to help us all save lives, time and keep our planet a greener place.

While the first PRT systems are now starting to gain momentum, AutoMate wishes to improve their concept by designing the car/pod/system in a way that allows easy system integration with current AND future infrastructure needs.

The AutoMate™ transportation system combines the benefits of mass transportation with the convenience and privacy of your own car.
- Door-to-door travel time is reduced by 50% (80% during rush hours). This makes the Automate System™ the most efficient commute system.
- The Automate System™ is a green system thanks to the energy efficient design. Compared to using a private car, Automate System™ travel requires the energy of a motorcycle.
- The system is designed to use existing infrastructure with moderate modification, thus dramatically reducing the initial investment in new infrastructure.
- The AutoMate System™ introduces a door-to-door solution that allows its passengers to enjoy full privacy and convenience of a private car at all times.

How does it work ?

The system was designed to maximize benefits for both the passenger and the environment: shortest travel time, privacy, low cost and high energy efficiency.
- This is achieved by applying high-end technology to automate the traveling route. Each segment of the route is optimized to obtain the ultimate commute system: Efficient "last mile" solution + Central control to increase highway capacity by a factor of 10, while dramatically reducing accidents AND providing door-to-door privacy !

The "secret" and patented idea behind the AutoMate systems is the "de-coupling concept": By de-coupling between the passenger's private environment and the "alternating-chassis", the passenger is giving a different chassis per each section of the route.
The exchange is done automatically, "on the fly", just like cell phones roam between GSM cells…
The "exchange" location that interconnects between the self-driving-road mode and the centrally-controlled-rail mode is named: "The AutoMate HUB".
The attached film illustrates how the chassis are switched in the hub.

Complete system presentation can be found in:

The system will eventually grow to provide door to door service to cities and communities around the world.
AutoMate seeks a visionary city mayor, like Los-Angeles for eample, that will embrace the concept and allow it to become the city solution for connecting its suburbs to each other. Most of the infrastructure is in place: Existing roads and light rail can interconnect with "AutoMate HUBs".

The business beauty of the idea is the synergy it creates between the automobile and the railroad industries. Furthermore, by creating the "AutoMate Transportation System" people will no longer "drive their cars" - They will buy "transportation services". Just like we use our iPhones today...

The world is a beautiful place. Let's keep it that way.



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