High Speed Interstate Ducted Turbine

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This invention relates to (a) ducted turbine(s) coupled with (a) generator(s), driven by the airstream of a moving vehicle. This unit(s) can be installed into existing aerodynamic rooftop-fairings of trucks, and / or be part of specially designed aerodynamic rooftop, or in the case of trains, in front of or on top of railroad cars.

Transportation of goods of all kinds affects the global economy. Airstream powered turbines can radically diminish fossil fuel consumption and therefore lower operating costs, while at the same time diminishing the carbon footprint of these vehicles.

The primary objective of this invention is to use the airstream of moving vehicles to produce electrical power. The power can be stored for other uses like refrigeration and hybrid propulsion (both electrical, as hydrogen fuel additive or hydrogen fuel-cells).The possibility of storing large amounts of generated electricity and selling it back to the grid is also an exciting possibility. The obvious benefits to the planet are reduced fuel consumption and reduced carbon footprint.

High efficiency axial flux permanent magnet generators (both in horizontal or vertical configurations), in combination with high efficiency ducted turbines designed for the relatively high airstream speeds expected during transit,, combined with aerodynamically maximized fairings to be mounted on top of truck cabins, cargo boxes or railroad cars, are the answer to the primary objective of this invention.

The above and other objectives, features and advantages of the present invention should be apparent to those able to read the detailed descriptions in conjunction with the drawings / illustrations of the embodiments of the invention shown below.

It is to be understood, that while a preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated it is not limited to the specific form or arrangement of parts described and shown herein. Various changes can be made without departing from the scope of the invention. The invention is not to be considered limited to what is shown in the specification and drawings / illustrations.


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