AWD Butterfly

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The AWD Butterfly has so much potential for its future. The car leans like a bike, changes wheelbase, changes into positive and negative camber, and uses a great deal of thoughtful innovative components developed since 2005. This vehicle was designed to have the highest cornering force possible And transport people in the most original and efficient way possible

Infinite years exist in the future. What we create to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable is a privilege of time as it goes on. So much more than anyone can possibly imagine is going to be invented. We certainly can take advantage of this and take a leap into what is still there to be made.

I would like you the viewer, to genuinely relax. Take as much time to enjoy these ideas as you would like, look at them closely, and feel free to contact me. You can find more descriptions on the design contest video.



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    Patrick Malone
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    Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design
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    AWD On-road & Off-road Racing
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    Thinking as far into the future as possible.
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    Turbo CAD Deluxe V.12
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