Hydraulic Railway System

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*All of the weight of the train is sustained by the hydraulic fluid eliminating the use of wheels.
*Does not consumes energy for flotation (it is a closed sealed hydraulic system).
*It works with extremely low hydraulic pressure, due the distribution of the fluid In a great contact surface. Approximately 142 psi (10kgf/cm2).
*The train slides with insignificant friction and abrasion.
*In parallel to the chinese Maglev that floats under magnetic repulsion, this system floats under hydraulic fluid, but does not consumes energy for its flotation and is extremely simple, allowing smaller production costs than the common railway system.

***New, non-obvious, useful (PCT/OMPI 2012).

1)The basis of sustaining are inside the trails.

2)The basis, in pairs, slides through the trails.

3)Each sustaining bases possess two fluid chambers, upper and lower.

4)The chambers are one over the other, in contrary position.

5)All of the train weight is over fluid reservoirs, that are located over the sustaining basis.

6)The reservoirs fluid pressure is transfered to the chambers by hydraulic hoses.

7)The lower chamber possess a larger opening contact area with the trail, than the upper chamber, making with all the set float and equalize inside the trails.

* The flow will be solved for a sealing system similar to the segmented rings system of the pistons of inner combustion engines, but without subdue to the high temperatures.

*Side tabs, similar to pulleys, maintain the train centered.

Observation: as the main idea is to propose the solution for the FRICTION, the biggest of the transport troubles, aren’t considered here systems of traction, suspension, brakes, etc.

*Extreme simplicity.

*Low hydraulic pressure.

*Very low fuel consumption.

*The production cost is the same or ever cheaper than traditional system.

*Elimination of the friction and the abrasion caused by the mechanical parts attrition.

*It will possess great efficiency, durability and reduced maintenance costs.

*Do not derail or vibrate.

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