eMoTria 3W Crossover

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eMoTria is a lightweight electric vehicle, specially designed for sustainable mobility in cities and appropriate for a multitude of services. A crossover combining a microcarrier (lightweight quad) and a maxi-scooter, it can be driven without a license. Its width of 1050 mm and 2200 mm long makes it suitable to get into protected urban areas, occupying a tiny space and with its wedge-shaped frame front pushing through as a snowmobile or watercraft.

Convertible for use of two passengers, with or without roof or as a van or SUV with a cargo cage behind.

Thanks to its registered quick change of body exterior, it can be easily reconfigured for another task, with its aeronautics inspired anchors.

Its robust design and battery exchange system allow 24 hours use.

Autonomy and total cost of use can be customized to customer needs because the eMoTria accepts batteries from different technologies, prices and capacities.

eMoTria has a front wheel controlled by a 48 V three-phase 4 kW continuous and 8 kW maximum power motor.

The autonomy, depending on its use is from 60km to 80km with a 48V battery pack and 58 A. The consumption is about 48 Wh / km.

The total cost per km during the lifecycle of the vehicle including batteries, can be reduced to 0.05 € / km less than the cost of fuel consumed by a motorcycle. Therefore, we can say that is a very profitable vehicle on an intensive use basis.

We witness a part of what is to be seen in the coming years.

Until recently, electric propulsion was considered only as an alternative to diesel, petrol or auto gas. Cheaper energy at the expense of more investment, fewer benefits and autonomy.

But there are manufacturers who are creating new types and concepts of vehicle born electrical and connected to the network, starting from a blank sheet and innovating in
the electric vehicles market.

This is the eMoTria case from the VELMUS corporation, creator of the first crossover between light quadricycle and scooter. Can be driven without a license, and adapted to a wide range of uses with great simplicity. An integrated monitoring (V2G) is incorporated.
VELMUS got a team headed by Florencio Cuervo, Master in Automotive Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of light vehicles and industrial research and 20 years in achieved development.

The main customers are urban and tourist CarShare or urban distribution companies. It is a robust vehicle for intensive use, even 24 hours a day.

Awarded with a special mention for one of the "Best Technological Innovation" of "Full Vehicle" by the Society of Automotive Technicians.

These concept car was presented at the Barcelona Motor Show, the "First Exhibition of the Vehicle and Alternative Fuels" in Valladolid and in several fairs during 2009.

In 2010 the serial design and network of suppliers was developed, mainly from the Iberian Peninsula. The 13th European Automotive Congress held its presentation, organized by FISITA and EAEC in Valencia in 06/2011.


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