The AddVisor - The Any-Angle, Every Vehicle Sun Visor

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The AddVisor™ uses patented technology to allow vehicle occupants to protect their eyes from blinding sunlight and other glare even when the source of that glare falls outside the limitations of their vehicle’s built-in sun visor.

The AddVisor™ is a multi-directional auxiliary sun visor, which attaches to a vehicle’s built-in visor with Velcro straps. The device consists of a base plate, which houses the Velcro straps that secure the device to the vehicle’s visor; and a transparent, tinted "lens" panel, which attaches to the base plate by way of rods that can be selectively positioned into and out of U-shaped clips, which clips are permanently affixed to the base plate. The clip-and-rod connectivity joining the lens panel to the base plate allows a user to selectively unclip the lens panel from two of the three sets of U-clips and pivot it down, left or right within the remaining set of clips to create an extension of the effective coverage area of the vehicle’s built-in visor, alleviating eye strain and the blinding effects caused by low-angle sunlight and other glare. The rotatable lens panel, dark-tinted but transparent, provides protection against the effects of glare without creating any obstruction to a user’s field of vision. Since it can be easily rotated down, left or right as needed, the lens panel affords a shaded, see-through extension of the built-in visor’s coverage; this functionality can even relieve the user of having to reposition the built-in visor at all once it is in place with the lens panel deployed to the required location.

The AddVisor™ offers wide-ranging benefits for the transportation industry as a whole, for traffic flow on the world’s roadways, and for operators of a various road vehicles, with additional applicability to the boating, aviation, and other sectors as well.

Benefits include:

• Mitigating the blinding effects of sunlight and other glare, reducing distractions to driving and enhancing safe vehicle operation

•Enabling drivers and other vehicle occupants to shield their eyes from glare coming from directions and angles that cannot be covered by built-in vehicle visors due to design and size constraints of those visors

•Reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by glare, promoting safer vehicle operation

•Offering drivers an advantage in spotting other vehicles; pedestrians; traffic signage and signals; and other hazards, when it would otherwise be more difficult to do so due to blinding glare

•Promoting improved overall traffic environments during times of low-angle sunlight and other glare problems (typical during early-morning and late-afternoon “rush hour” periods), benefitting both individual drivers and the infrastructure and economy as a whole by facilitating smoother, faster and more predictable traffic flows during periods that are statistically the most congested and most prone to accidents

•Extending similar benefits to the boating, aviation, construction, military and other sectors

The AddVisor’s™ simple, unique and patented functionality truly allows users to “Add the AddVisor™, and subtract the glare”, making it an attractive proposition from the standpoints of safety, logistics, economics, ergonomics and health.


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