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Terraspan is an invention of ADVANCED TRANSPORT and POWER DISTRIBUTION. All its components are available today.

Terraspan is GREEN, promotes ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, ENERGY ALTERNATIVES, and FREE TRADE as well as productivity. Terraspan takes millions of barrels of oil off the roads and reduces greenhouse gases.

Terraspan connects the WESTERN HEMISPHERE making a BILLION PERSON MARKET from Alaska to the tip of South America.

Terraspan is a transcontinental power distribution system which interacts with existing power distribution across North America. It's initial diagonal track from NorthEast to SouthWest is designed to tie wind and solar into the continental Grids, and permit dynamic power sharing without substantial loss. The same buried track carries high speed carriages to transport cargo and people with no pollution, no greenhouse gases and very little energy at speeds far in excess of supersonic passenger jets.

For most people the one hour transit time from coast to coast (same in both directions), free 500 lb luggage limit, and competitive ticket cost is the BIG THING about terraspan.

Terraspan supports a linear motor/generator based transport and power storage system in which each carriage floats and moves without friction in a vacuum magnetic levitation system.

The 5,000 ton carriages can store 1000's of megawatts of electrical power as kinetic energy in seconds and deliver the same back to the Grid at similar very high rates, through the linear motor/generator. This storage is critical to broad use of power sources like wind and solar, providing important tools to the problems of effective conservation of our energy resources in a North American Smart Grid.

In any emergency the terraspan system fails safely by venting the system to air. Each carriage is designed to glide in the incoming air and automatically brake. For buried tubes access through the automatic vents provides surface access, communications, first aid and shelter.

The HVDC superconducting power distribution methods which save billions of dollars in power from Grid transmission losses provide a basis for a profitable means of funding the project in whole or in part. Superconducting power distribution will be functional early in the construction of the project. The value of terraspan power distribution will contribute a revenue stream which will continue to grow for the many years it will take to complete the system worldwide. The trade off of simple HVDC against the higher cost and performance of superconducting power transmission will be made continuously as cost/performance improves over the life of the system.

Vacuum operation substantially reduces cooling energy for the cryogenically cooled superconductors and cryogenic power switching wherever it used along the systems total length. Combining HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) as a backbone in conjunction with superconducting elements permits simple in use maintenance and replacement of both backbone and superconducting elements in the most cost effective way.

Terraspan is best implemented in tunnels and as prefabs in ditches. The subsurface system is safely clear of all weather and accident at the lowest possible cost.


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