Stress-Free Airplane Boarding

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Currently airplane boarding procedures are based on zones prescribed from the type of airfare purchased. Other than first-class, special needs, or families, this is largely unnecessary and creates frustration when dozens or hundreds of passengers try to board, stow their bags, and get seated with very little cabin space. To optimize this, re-assign the zones based on the location of the person's seat. Special accomodations can be made for certain needs (or prices), but boarding back-to-front style will eliminate or greatly reduce confused passengers in the aisles.

Begin with window seats in the back and matriculate inward and forward. Flight attendants are responsible to close off overhead storage in the front of the plane and direct people to store bags near their seat.

Furthermore, as the plane fills rear to front, flight attendants in the aft of the plane can serve refreshments to passengers to further reduce stress.


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