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The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude, not even on the Renewable Energy sources of the Sun, Hydro, or Wind power; is far easier and economical to build than the fuel cell, can be made available 24 X 7 almost without any cost.

It is actually the simple principle of a Dynamo which worked fine on my bicycle, magnified 100 times. My bicycle had a dynamo attached to the rear wheel which when turned along the wheel’s rim as the bike moved, produced enough DC current to light up the 12 Watt bulb and provide enough light to ride comfortably in the darkest of alleys.

The basic principle of producing current, whether in a Dynamo as described above, a Water Turbine where the water falls through the Dam, a Nuclear Power Plant or a Thermal Power Plant where the steam turns a Turbine - is that a Carbon Brush is rotated against a field of Magnets that produces electric current. Now let’s apply the same principle to a Ford Truck or a VW Car or a Volvo Bus. There are two axles on which the side wheels rotate, the rear ones powered by the Internal Combustion Engine and the front wheels move in tandem with the forward thrust generated.

Imagine if we build a Dynamo or a Turbine plant on the axles and a UPS sort of a system which can store excess power generated. Here is a step-by-step sequence how this principle works:

a) we still have the engine and a small fuel tank to start the ignition which gets the momentum of the truck going,

b) the wheels as they start rotating gain force, and rotate the Dynamo plant on each of the wheel axles,

c) the DC current generated through the Dynamo is then passed over to a Transmission Plant which then distributes the current to a powerful motor,

d) the motor starts to rotate and with it continues the momentum of the wheels,

e) the fuel engine switches off Auto when the electric motor comes on full force.

Now the electric motor is turning the wheels, the wheels attached to the Dynamo plant are turning it and producing the current, the current is again passed into the motor to power it, the motor turns the wheels. A perpetual cycle of energy is created - that as long as the wheels are in motion, electricity is created, and the same electricity is passed over through an electric motor to keep the wheels turning. A mini-power plant running the automobile on electrical energy. No fuel, no smoke!

Current Price of TRUCK : USD 50,000
Additional Cost of this INVENTION (Motor,Transmission,Power plant,Dynamo,Batteries): USD 25,000


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